Pros And Cons Of IUI: Should You Waste Time On IUI?

“What are some pros and cons of IUI and should I try it or not to waste time and move straight to IVF?”

These are the most popular questions my clients ask me.

Let’s get some answers.

Should You Waste Your Time and Money on IUI?


There’s so many myths around IUIs and whether it’s worth time and money.
(And you know how time and money are precious when it comes to fertility).
One lady declared me straight that she won’t consider any options other than IVF. That IUI is a waste of time and money.
While one of my dear friends and clients got pregnant after her second round.
(Saved her a ton of money).

So Should You Try IUI? What Are Some Cons and Pros?

The answer will depend on where you are in your fertility journey.
Research shows that IUI has slightly higher success rates than timed intercourse. `
(That’s if you correctly time your intercourse).
IUI could also be a great option if your partner has slow swimmers.
IVF is indeed a preferable route, for example, if you have your fallopian tubes removed or blocked or have some other obstructions that do not allow sperm to fertilize your egg.
Both IUI and IVF intend to help the sperm meet the egg.
However, our bodies are more complex than that. It takes more than just ‘shorten’ the route to get pregnant.

Pros and Cons of IUI

What Can Increase Your IUI Success Rate?

Your hormonal balance and your overall health are non-disputable factors that affect the success rate for both procedures.

So before jumping into one or another figure out how else can you help your body maximize your fertility potential and increase your success rate.

And if you need help to figure it out, I’ll be happy to do that for you.

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