I Help Women Become A Mom…

Your doctor is there to take care of the medical side of your fertility journey – my job is all about the most powerful tool… get your body back into balance.

And by balance I mean, it’s like trying to plant a seed in the middle of dessert versus trying to plant a seed in the well-nourished soil. 

The connection between how you fuel your body and fertility is undeniable. It’s the factor that’s commonly overlooked. Women who are serious about becoming Moms, leverage it frantically.

I say it, because I’m one of them.

I was close to 30 when we decided we’re ready to have a baby. 

I assumed that I’d get pregnant right away but to my surprise, I didn’t see two lines right away. And I can guess, it wasn’t the case for you, too. 

I couldn’t understand why my body didn’t want to do what it was supposed to do. Why after so many attempts we still didn’t have a baby.

My whole life was all about what next I should try to get pregnant. I went from tracking my basal body temperature and ovulation with the precision of a surgeon to counting fertile days based on the lunar calendar…


I was broken and I didn’t believe in myself. I didn’t want to do anything. My friends didn’t want to talk about the children around me. It put strait into a relationship with my friends.

We got pregnant eventually with my first daughter. But it was later when I realized something important.

When my daughter turned one, we decided to have another baby. As soon as we took off, my daughter was on her way.



Number 1. I removed all the foods/drinks that impacted my fertility

There’s certain food and drinks that actually lower fertility. But it’s not the same for each person – because the human body is complex and everyone is different.

So you have to work out which foods are harming your fertility right now and eliminate them from your diet.

Number 2. I added foods/drinks that boosted my fertility

Similar to number 1, there’s certain food and drinks which will increase your fertility levels. But again, these foods are different for each person. 

So you have to figure out which foods are going to work for you.

Number 3. Enhanced the results with the right supplements

I added certain supplements to my diet to increase the results. And once again these supplements will be different for everyone.

Even though there is a number of ‘fertility supplements’ widely advertised, it doesn’t mean that they will work for you. It’s like trying to match a key to a wrong lock.


Anna Reyes_Fertility Coach_Trying to conceive

How did I know that this was the reason for my successful second pregnancy? As you read above, I implemented these three principles before taking off, and I got pregnant without even trying with my second baby girl.

It became quite obvious that one important thing was dramatically different the second time around. It was my nutrition.

What happened transformed my life to such a degree that I left my work as an investment specialist at the local credit union, so I could help other women to do the same.

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