How To Stop Wasting Time On Fertility Treatments

They tried every possible fertility treatment, felt frustrated and still lonely. Another Facebook pregnancy announcement would bring them anxiety and a lot of tears in the pillow. So how to stop wasting time and money on fertility treatments and boost your chances of having a baby.

Your Age Doesn’t Matter When You Try To Conceive

You see, when you’re past 30 most of the time your OBGYN will label you as geriatric or ‘old’ mom.

I can’t tell you how offended I was when one of the doctors called me old for having babies.

(By the way, it was a surgeon, not even OBGYN and I was 29!).

The truth is that I struggled to get pregnant the first time around (so that ‘nice’ guy was right to a certain degree). Though I was struggling not because of my age because my body wasn’t ready for pregnancy.

How To Stop Wasting Time On Fertility Treatments

2 Things To Stop Wasting Time On Fertility Treatments

How To Stop Wasting Time On Fertility Treatments

Imagine you invited your friend first the time to your place. Would you care how clean and nice it is?

I remember every single time a new person would step into my place, it was spotless and smelled like the breeze.

Anyways, the point is that it’s also true when we talk about having a baby.

Preparation is the key.

Imagine if you’re at the peak of your health, do you think your age will matter, assuming that you still produce eggs?

Of course not.

What matters are actually these 2 things:

Number 1. Your Egg Quality

How To Stop Wasting Time On Fertility Treatments

I won’t be a pioneer to say that egg quality is one of the top reasons you can’t conceive.

Let’s imagine two scenarios.

Scenario #1. You have a lot of eggs left and the quality of most of them is ‘blah’ (because you just can’t give up certain things that you know hurt your body).

Scenario #2. You don’t have a lot of eggs but your egg quality is superior and you are the healthiest you’ve ever been.

Which of these two will give you more chances of getting pregnant?

Of course, scenario #2.

Yes, you can try to beat the odds with scenario #1 and keep pushing with expensive fertility treatments.

Not only it will be harder for you to conceive but also to stay pregnant and have a healthy baby at the end. Because your egg quality has also a direct connection with how healthy your baby will be.

Remember, it takes only 1 egg to get pregnant.

Number 2. Your Body State

Your body state or environment for your baby to grow is extremely important when we’re trying to conceive.

Just like you won’t invite your friend or boyfriend in a dirty house, you probably would want to take care of your body and your womb so your future bundle of joy will feel happy and welcomed.

Bottom Line

No matter if you try to conceive naturally or with the help of fertility treatments, your body needs to be in a certain state (balance) for you to get pregnant, have a full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby at the end.

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