How Self-Care Impacts Your Health And Fertility

Why is it so important to understand how self-care impacts your health and fertility?

Do you remember stories where somebody got pregnant after they “took a break”?

There’s actually science behind it. And even if you’ve tried to take a break and it didn’t work, let’s closely look at why some women succeeded.

So How Exactly Self-Care Impacts Your Health And Fertility?

There’s an indisputable connection between your mind and your body.

You see, when you are under stress either emotionally or physically your hormonal balance will be impaired.

What it means is that your body will be way too preoccupied with making a cocktail of cortisol and adrenalin instead of other hormones (including fertility ones).

Your body doesn’t see the difference between physical danger and emotional stress. You see, the stress-response was given to you for a reason. It helped us survive from preditors a million years ago.

Even though you don’t fight preditors every day, you face other types of stressors on a daily basis. And your body responds stay the same by producing the cocktail of cortisol and adrenalin to keep you alive.

What Happens If You Can’t Control Your Stress Level

How Self-Care Impacts Your Health And Fertility

When you got caught up with your daily routine, you barely have time for anything, including yourself.

As I mentioned earlier your body still recognizes the emotional stress the same way as physical and deals with it by increasing your cortisol and adrenalin production.

These hormones are meant to pump blood to your lungs, heart and muscles, leaving the rest (including your reproductive function) for later.

Imagine if this pattern happens on an on-going basis.

It will mean that your body will never prioritize your desire of having a baby.  

There were studies showing that your ability to manage your stress can significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant.

How Self-Care Impacts Your Health And Fertility And What You Can Do To Change It

Bottom Line

When you deal with infertility and juggle your work and numerous fertility treatments, of course, it will add a lot of stress to your life.

The real question is how you deal with it and what you do to take care of yourself.

And if you need a little more support in your fertility journey, click here to find out more of how I can support you further.

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