How Much Time Will It Take to Increase Egg Quality?

It Takes Only One Egg To Get Pregnant, they say. Though many women go through a few to find out that they’re not even close to become a mom. Your chances of holding your baby increase if you increase your egg quality. Though how much time will it take to increase egg quality?

Is It Really Takes Just One Egg To Get Pregnant?


Ok, what if you have a lot of eggs retrieved and only 1 embryo made it to the transfer day. Should you be nervous?

It indeed takes only one egg for you to hold your baby girl in your arms.

Though if you’ve gone through rounds of fertility treatments, it’s obvious that it’s not that simple.

You see, even though it takes only one egg, what of your egg isn’t of high quality.

How To Find Out If You Have Increased Your Egg Quality

“Well, how will I know if my egg is on the highest end?”

If you go through IVF, there’s the “quality” gradation system that your doctor will use to assess the quality of the embryos.

Though this gradation scans embryos on viability and gene-related diseases. It doesn’t scan your future baby for things like pre-determined conditions tike PCOS, diabetes, anxiety etc.

And if you have any health-related concerns, more likely your future baby will be predisposed to suffering from them later on in her life.

Will Your Baby Inherit Your Health Conditions?


In science, it’s called epigenetics.

That’s also one of the main reasons why it’s harder to get pregnant later in life. Because the longer you live, the more health concerns you’ll have and therefore the quality of your eggs will start decreasing. Which will make it harder to get pregnant.

(So it’s not really about your age, it’s about your actual health by the time you decide to have a baby).

And there’s no way to determine if your egg covers that unless you’re in a perfectly healthy state.

Then it’s assumed that your baby will inherit it.

(Which is logical, because all that information is stored in your genes, that will be transferred to your kins at the end).

So If You Were To Change Your lifestyle, How Much Time Will It Take to Increase Egg Quality?

Even though the process of choosing the right follicle where your egg will be growing, starts about 1-year ahead of time.

The actual growth of the egg within that picked follicle starts approximately 90 days prior to its release. So it’s possible to significantly improve your egg quality if you start making lifestyle changes 90 days ahead of time.

The Bottom Line

It takes more than just one egg to have a baby. The quality of your egg and health overall is the one that determines your success in getting pregnant.

It usually takes overall a year to make a difference in the egg that will be release. However you can significantly improve your egg quality within 90 days.

If you want to know more about what could be done to not only get you pregnant but also to increase your future baby’s health let’s talk.

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