How Much IVF Actually Will Cost You

Whether you are thinking to visit a fertility clinic or wonder when there is the end of the numerous bills from the fertility clinic, let’s find out how much IVF will actually cost you.

You see, if you’ve been trying for over a year and was referred to a fertility clinic, nobody tells you how much it will cost you to become a mom.

At the end of the day, you can’t put a price tag on a baby. 

So here I wanted to share how much on average a couple is looking into to spend if you decide to go with IVF.

Real Cost Of IVF


“What frustrates me the most in my fertility journey? – The bills”.

This was the answer one of my friends gave me.
She had over $50k in bills from her fertility clinic that she tried to figure out how to pay.
The most frustrating part for her was that it wasn’t even over.
She’s still not pregnant after 3 rounds of IVF.
So she had to come up with more money for another full round because she didn’t have any frozen embryos left.
Can you relate to that?

What’s the real cost of IVF?

Many women assume that it’s a guaranteed option for you to get pregnant.
Plus if you were diagnosed with certain medical conditions like PCOS or endometriosis, a lot of fertility clinics will jump straight into IVF to ‘save’ you time (not money).
So if you don’t have insurance that covers it, most women will start saving ahead of time (just like for your wedding or a honeymoon).
Because it’s an expensive procedure. On average a couple will spend approximately $33,000 – ouch!
No wonder most insurances don’t want to cover it.

So Is There A Way To Cut The Cost?

Imagine if there was a way to cut the cost or even get pregnant naturally in between cycles.
(Just like my client Sara did.)
You see, our body has its own balance. If you disturb this balance, you’ll get sick or you’ll develop a certain medical condition.
And by balance I mean it’s like trying to drink water from broken glass.
Having infertility means that your body is not in balance. And you keep trying to drink water from that broken glass.
Choosing IVF without figuring out why your body isn’t in balance is like trying to use tape to seal the crack. It will possibly work for a little bit until the water starts spilling again.
So no matter if you really want to conceive naturally or opt-out to IVF it’s important to understand what’s going in your body and address it to maximize your body’s potential and responsiveness to the treatment.

Bottom Line

It takes on average 3-5 cycles of IVF to get pregnant. Assuming that the first round will cost you between $12,000-$20,000, the final bill can be very expensive.

There’s a way to reduce a bill by optimizing your egg quality and environment for your baby to grow. 

Plus bringing your health to the top level will also positively affect your baby’s health and save you money in the future.

So would you rather keep beating odds with the number of cycles or boost your fertility and your health to shorten the route and increase your baby’s chances to be born healthy?

If you want to know more about how you can do it, let’s talk.

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