How To Choose The Right Fertility Coach

There’re so many people that can help you finally realize your dream of becoming a mom other than your fertility doctor. And one of them is a fertility coach. So if you were to hire a fertility coach, how to choose the right fertility coach? How will you understand that it will actually help you and won’t be another waste of money?

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Who Is A Fertility Coach

Infertility is sucks.

And when you’ve been on this journey long enough, you follow a few fertility coaches and experts. And maybe even listen to their podcast or YouTube channel.

You see, it’s not a problem to find information nowadays. The problem is actually understanding how it will help you and if you can trust it.

There’re a ton of fertility coaches. Indeed, anybody can call themselves as a fertility coach, because there isn’t any regulation or standards describing who it is.

Normally a fertility coach is an individual, who specializes in infertility problems from its own experience, or by attending some traditional or non-traditional medical school.

You can find more about who a fertility is, by clicking over here.

How To Choose The Right Fertility Coach

So if you were to pick a fertility coach, how will you find the right one?

Ok, first of all, did you know that there are different types of fertility coaches?

Generally speaking, you can separate one fertility coach from another based on:

  1. Their level of education
  2. Life experience
  3. Scope of services.

Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Education

There aren’t any regulations or practices of who can become a fertility coach. Indeed, you can find that anyone can also call themselves an “infertility coach” or a “fertility expert” etc.

If we take level of education, you can find fertility coaches who:

  • have no specific education. These are usually fertility coaches, who went through infertility themselves and now share what helped them to get pregnant
  • have a health or life coaching certificate. Most of these coaches actually went through infertility themselves and it motivated them to get more knowledge about their health. Usually, they share a combined version of what helped them adjusted to what they’ve learned at school.
  • have a non-traditional medicine diploma (like holistic nutritionists, homeopaths, acupuncturists, naturopaths etc). Most of them went through infertility themselves and also have a very specific education that allows them to teach not only methods that helped them but also a variety of approaches tailored to different infertility problems.

2. Life Experience

Many fertility coaches have their own unique fertility stories, just like myself.

This is a huge bonus to have somebody who can truly understand and relate to all the pain you’re going through.

I can tell, that I wish I had somebody by my side when I was going through infertility.

Because you know what?

Only a few doctors will be compassionate to your fertility journey. Many times I felt emotionally cold and unheard in my doctor’s office. More like “you-are-next-in-the-line”.

However, there’re also a few fertility coaches who have never gone through infertility and chose this route for some other reasons.

3. Scope Of Services

When it comes to certified or licensed fertility coaches like holistic nutritionists, homeopaths, acupuncturists etc, it’s easier to understand their scope of services. Many of them specialize in a very specific service.

On the other hand, there’s a variety of health coaches, who’s scope of services may differ from one coach to another.

Some coaches teach how to connect your mind and your body, while others specialize in how to increase your fertility with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Bottom Line

When you desperately want to have a baby, you’re at the point that you’ll believe anything and everything.

Many of you probably follow a few fertility coaches to get answers to your main question: “Why aren’t you pregnant?”.

When picking a fertility coach, make sure to check their education, their personal story, testimonials and how exactly they can help you to become a mom.

It’s always a great idea to follow a few fertility coaches to have a better understanding of how exactly their method can help you increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Most of fertility coaches offer a free coaching call, so you’ll be able to ask more questions about their practice. Don’t worry many of them won’t pitch you right of the bet and will try to genuinely understand your case.

If you want to find out more about a proven method of increasing your odds of getting pregnant, book your free call here.

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