10 Things To Getting Pregnant With PCOS

If you have PCOS, you probably already know that getting pregnant will be a longer than normal journey for you.

So what are some things to get pregnant with PCOS?

Is there anything specific you can do to get pregnant if you were diagnosed with PCOS?

Stay tuned to find out 10 things to get pregnant with PCOS.

10 Things To Getting Pregnant With PCOS

1. Reduce Your Carbohydrates Consumption

Insulin resistance and PCOS go hand by hand. 

It actually stimulates enzymes that help manufacture androgens in the ovaries, which affects your ovulation.

So what can be done?

2 things:

  1. Eliminate sugar and artificial sweeteners;
  2. Reduce empty calorie foods like foods made of white flour and white rice;
  3. Add more fibre rich foods, like whole grains and vegetables.

2. Increase Your Protein Intake


This will help not only to control your insulin levels but also will help you decrease your hunger (go away extra pounds!).

Plus protein is a building material for our cells, including your eggs.

3. Add Organ Meats Into Your Diet

I talked a lot about how cows liver can actually boost your fertility and egg quality

It contains so many minerals and vitamins, including coenzyme Q10 that are important in boosting your egg quality and fertility.

4. Eat More Complex Whole Grains 


Whole grains add not only extra fibre to regulate your insulin but also folate that is known to boost your egg quality.

5. Eliminate Dairy

There are concerns regarding the use of hormones in conventional dairy products that can interfere with your gentle reproductive system.

Plus dairy represents a type of sugar – lactose that also impacts your blood sugar level and it’s a big no-no for you with PCOS.

6. Eliminate High-Starch Vegetables

High-starch veggies such as:

  • potatoes,
  • corn, 
  • winter squash, 
  • pumpkin, 
  • sweet potatoes, 
  • carrots and yams

can increase your blood sugar and promote insulin resistance.

You do not have to eliminate all of them, but definitely consider eliminating potatoes and corn. 

Limit of 1-2 servings a week other starchy veggies and make sure to consume them together with protein.

7. Eat More Fresh Vegetables (Especially Green Leafy)


I can talk for hours about the benefits of vegetables, especially dark green leafy ones.

For example, kale along with its leafy green cousins, like spinach and Swiss chard, is a major fertility booster. 

Kale is high in folate, iron (which promotes healthy red blood cells), calcium, and manganese (a mineral recognized to help women get pregnant faster).

Similar to kale, spinach is a fertility superfood. 

It is packed with iron, folate, and zinc, three minerals that are essential to any woman trying to get pregnant. 

8. Limit To 1 Fruit A Day (Preferably Berries)

Fruits are basically sugar.

Originally fruits contain fibre to slow down glucose absorption but they still are able to skyrocket your insulin levels. 

You do not have to eliminate fruits from your diet, but limiting to 1-2 pieces a day looks like a great idea. 

Berries could be a great alternative.

9. Increase Your Physical Activity


You do not have to become an athlete, but exercises will help you not only mitigate PCOS but also help increase your blood flow to your uterus. 

10. Eliminate Alcohol And Caffeine

Alcohol spikes your insulin levels. 

Plus statistics say that even a small amount of alcohol may significantly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. 

Perhaps it’s ok to have a glass of wine once in a while, especially when Aunt Flow comes and you know for sure that you’re not pregnant. Though we believe that it’s better to eliminate alcohol to be on the safe side.

Some of the claims around coffee in PCOS is that it affects the way glucose is metabolized. 

This is obviously a concern in PCOS due to the insulin resistance experienced by many. 

Another claim around drinking coffee in PCOS is the idea that it can lead to nutritional deficiencies.

That’s actually relevant not only to coffee but to any caffeinated drinks including black and green tea. 

Bottom Line

If you’ve been diagnosed with infertility due to PCOS, it’s not the end of the world.

Know that you still can get pregnant as long as you’ll be able to control your hormonal balance and insulin resistance.

10 things to get pregnant with PCOS will help you take control over your PCOS and one day see big fat positive line on your pregnancy test. 

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