How You Can Use “The Natural Fertility Booster” To Get Pregnant In Under 12 Weeks From Now…

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  • You’ve already been trying for a year or more…
  • You’ve lost a fortune on expensive treatments like IUI, IVF etc…
  • You’re over 30 (or even over 40!)...
  • You’re suffering from conditions like PCOS, endometriosis and impaired thyroid functions...
  • You’ve lost all hope and you’re ready to give up (and/or adopt)...
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It’s morning. You get out of the shower – feeling the goosebumps from the cool air as you reach for a towel. It’s XYZ days since ovulation, so you grab your pregnancy test…

…(fully expecting the usual bad news)…

You do the test and leave it on the counter so you can do other things. With the corner of your eye, you see something shocking…
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You look again. Then again. Once more for good measure….

…2 lines!

You’re actually pregnant!

You’ve been on this journey for so long. Happiness. Joy. Excitement. All these emotions fill in your heart and your chest…

While this may seem an impossible dream right now…

…you have the ability to make this story yours. 

Even if you’re ready to give up because NOTHING is working.

In fact, my client Debbie had been trying for over 2 years before she came to me. 

She tried marking her calendar and timing her ovulation first. Then went through multiple rounds of Letrozole and Clomid. Then 3 rounds of IUI and a failed round of IVF

…all before she got her hands on my Natural Fertility Booster. And guess what? 

She got pregnant naturally less than 
6 weeks after starting the program.

I’m Anna Reyes

…and I used to be just like you.

I was 30 years old and had never conceived before. 

I’ve been trying for over 6 months and started to think that maybe it wasn’t meant for me to become a mom. 

Maybe I didn’t have the right genetics, ovaries or eggs to conceive. 

But one day, I decided enough is enough. 

I decided to figure out what was going on with my body once and for all – and get the answers the doctors couldn’t give me. 

That reason - your body is ‘out of balance’. (5)

Was there something wrong with me?

After all – as a woman I knew I was meant to conceive – as nature intended – yet something wasn’t working. 

The doctors were zero help. They told me to take drugs which, as you know, don’t work well. They didn’t work for me and haven’t worked for you either, right? 

They are brilliant at achieving one thing though….

…making you feel like utter crap!

I tried every crazy diet and supplement. Every piece of advice on wellbeing, health and nutrition. Even meditation, acupuncture and visualisations!

Most things were useless – but one day I stumbled over the solution and cracked the code! 

As a result, my second pregnancy was like a dream – so, so easy!

I got pregnant right away, without even trying. 

Since then I helped a few friends and family do the same and now I’ve taken my life-changing knowledge to a wider audience. 

Now it’s my mission to show other women just like you all over the world how to do the same. First, there’s something we all need to understand…

There’s a Reason You Can’t Get Pregnant 
Right Now

That reason - your body is 
‘out of balance’.

You see, it’s like trying to plant a seed in the middle of winter versus trying to plant a seed on a beautiful summer’s day. 

Which conditions are more likely to help the seed grow?

Obvious answer, but…

The same logic applies to your body

If you know how to create the optimum conditions for you to conceive and for your baby to grow…

…you’ll get pregnant. 

Just like my client Maria.

Maria was struggling to get pregnant for over 13 months and was so close to giving up and losing hope to ever become a mom.

She was diagnosed with PCOS and hyperthyroidism that obviously were partly the reason for her infertility. 

Her next steps would be loads of medication, IUI and IVF (you know this direction). But she chose a different route…

… and to join my Natural Fertility Booster. Guess what?

She conceived 4 weeks after she joined the program and is now 
7 months pregnant!

So How Do We Create These  
Optimum Conditions 
 For A Baby To Grow?

Number #1


There are certain foods and drinks that actually lower fertility. But it's not the same for each person - because the human body is complex and every one is different. So you have to work out which foods are harming your fertility right now, and eliminate them from your diet.

Number #2


Similar to number 1, there's certain food and drinks which will increase your fertility levels. But again, these foods are different for each person. So you have to figure out which foods are going to work for you (again, incredibly tough to work out by yourself).

Number #3


I created a fertility-boosting nutrition plan that I can stick with. This is key because you don't want to create an unrealistic diet plan that you're going to give up after a few weeks. You want to stick with it - ideally for 12 weeks.

You may well get pregnant before then (like I did, and most of my clients did) in which case, great! But the longer you stick with your plan, the more fertile you get and the greater your chances become. 

These 3 steps sound too easy, right? Like they couldn’t work?

That’s because modern medicine wants you to shell out thousands on expensive drugs and medical procedures. 

In reality, women have been getting pregnant since the dawn of time. It’s what – from a biological perspective – we are put on this planet to do. 

So if we’re struggling, it indicates something is out of balance. When we fix that ‘something’, suddenly the process works and a baby appears! 

I want YOU to experience all these amazing moments from CONCEPTION to DELIVERY as I did.

Clients like Ashley

… who’s been struggling with infertility for over a year.

Before joining my program her doctors diagnosed her with unexplained infertility and basically told her that IVF would be her only option.

She now has a healthy 
4-month old baby boy.

Want to Get Pregnant Soon, Like Maria, Ashley, Debbie and All My Other Clients?

It doesn’t have to take forever.

And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either (average cost of one single round of IVF is $13,000. And the average person takes 3 rounds to get pregnant. Ouch!)

It just requires you to be willing to try something different.

Something that’s super easy to follow.

Something that’s perfectly tailored to your needs (I’ll never ask you to eat anything you don’t like).

  • Something that’s super easy to follow.
  • Something that’s perfectly tailored to your needs (I’ll never ask you to eat anything you don’t like).
  • Something which works - FAST.

Want to get pregnant soon, like me and my many clients?

What Happens After I Sign Up?

As soon as you enrol, you’ll be directed through the following steps:


You’ll receive a welcome email with the invitation to schedule your first introductory call with me and to fill in two very important forms:

  • Intake Questionnaire and
  • Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability.

This will help you understand the areas of concern that contribute to your infertility. 

It’s also a great opportunity for you to talk to me in person and ask me all the questions you have at the beginning of your exciting journey.

(your first 2 weeks)

  • Here we’ll prepare a strong foundation for your body to heal and get back into balance without starving or feeling frustrated about not being able to stick to a meal plan.
  • (I’ll even provide you with a meal plan customized based on your food preferences and health condition).
  • At the same time, we’ll order some lab tests done and I’ll send you some kits to collect samples with detailed instructions of how to do tests and where to send them after. 

(your next 6 weeks)

  • Here I’ll guide you through foods/drinks that HURT your fertility and foods/drinks that can BOOST your fertility based on the lab tests. 
  • After all, this foundational info is critical!
  • You’ll have a very detailed instruction of what should and shouldn't eat during these 6 weeks and how to rotate foods to maximize your body’s fertility potential.

(your last 4 weeks)

  • We’ll start with the basics of what foods are known to increase fertility, which is our ultimate goal!
  • You get to learn what foods you should start adding into your daily nutrition to get that fertility boost.
  • After all, we’ve created a strong foundation and now on our way to add extra points to your fertility.
That reason - your body is ‘out of balance’. (9)

We don't know exactly when nature will allow it - but you're now ready to get pregnant and create your own little bundle of joy. 

Finally, it's your turn!

Ready to start_

What's Included?


Customized based on your health concerns, current lifestyle and lab results. There’s not such a thing as passive learning in each tier of this program. We’re getting to implement every single protocol! And by the end of the program, you’ll be in a position where your fertility will skyrocket
($2500 value)


Yep! You’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions you have, and maybe even VENT! (just a little). The KEY to this journey is NOT to feel alone
($1200 value)

LAB TESTS (blood and/or saliva and hair analysis)

There isn’t such a thing as guessing when it comes to your health. You’ll get some tests done to identify foods you SHOULDN’T or SHOULD eat and get you RESULTS
($1600 value)


You’ll have access to my library of nutritional information, delicious recipes and more. This will help you plan your meals and understand some science behind the scenes
($500 value)


Nutrition is an ever-changing organism. Which means I’ll be updating my program materials on the reg. You’ll have access to all the materials and all the updates, forever!

Total Package Value = $5800




THREE payments of $997

My client Anna has been struggling with irregular cycles all her life.
By 30 her period was almost non-existent.
At 33 she was told that she has very low AMH and high FSH levels.
After 3 months of being in this Program, she finally got her period back and is now considering having a baby naturally.

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • You’ll be taken to a page with TWO payment options: either $2847 in full or $997 for 3 months! You’ll choose your adventure with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. Rawr!
  • Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your fancy membership deets (where to go, how to log in, where to find me, etc). Hello, immediate access to my treasure trove of health goodness! Ooh la la!
  • Next, you’ll get an email with forms to fill in and an invitation to schedule your first coaching call with me! Yay! You are in!

I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible to boost their fertility and increase their odds of getting pregnant either naturally or through medical intervention.
Because I want every single woman to experience

the joy of being called

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Anna Reyes  is a Holistic Nutritionist who helps women boost their fertility naturally and ultimately get pregnant.

She’s passionate about supporting women going through infertility because she knows firsthand the struggle of not being able to conceive. 

Her personal fertility journey wasn’t as easy as she imagined but she was able to figure things out for herself and her clients and get pregnant with her second baby without even trying. 

Over her 2 years in holistic nutrition, she’s been responsible for a number of clients getting pregnant, improving their health and feeling amazing while pregnant. 

Now, she’s helping women who’re going through infertility just like YOU do all of that at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one with her program the “Natural Fertility Booster”

When she’s not teaching or serving her clients, you can find her at the gym, playing with kids or practicing yoga. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you). 😉


Most frequent questions and answers

No, we don’t offer refunds, simply because we’re investing not only our time but also in the lab tests.

We can’t guarantee you getting pregnant, because we’re dealing with probabilities. However, the program is designed to boost your fertility and has helped a number of our clients to conceive.

Absolutely! When we talk about IUI you still need your body to be in balance for the miracle happen, so there’s no difference from the conception natural way.

If you’re going through IVF, there are three things that need to be considered:

  1. You’d want to increase the quality of your eggs to increase your fertilization chances
  2. You’d want to prepare your body for the transfer to enhance your body’s ability for the baby to stick and prevent miscarriages
  3. You’d want to maintain balance in your body for proper baby’s development and prevention of miscarriages.

The main principles of the program will help you in preparing for each stage of your IVF journey. 

You’ll feel it. All the clients who follow the program report better sleep, less digestive concerns, more energy and increased libido.

No problem, that’s why you’ll be having one-on-one weekly coaching with Anna to monitor your progress and support you where needed.

Ideally, you’d want to follow this program for at least 12-weeks.

Yes, you can pay $2847 in full or have it in three payments of $997.

You weigh the options:

  • use $997 on meds and procedures that don’t fix the problem but make you feel like crap?
  • Or use $997 to provenly enhance your odds of getting pregnant and use the rest for decorating your baby’s nursery?

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