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episode 13

How To Overcome Emotional Stress While Trying To Conceive

Infertility SUCKS…
It adds so many emotions into your pile that it’s easy to be at your highest end all the time. If that happens not only you will feel miserable but unintentionally you could easily make other feel this way.
Cathy Mckinnon will talk about how to overcome and cooperate with these emotions, especially if you decided to go through IVF.
If you’d like to connect with Cathy she can be found on Facebook, on her business page Wellness Warrior Coaching or on her email @
episode 12

How Functional Testing Can Help You With Fertility

Ever wondered what’s wrong with you and why can’t you conceive (even though the doctors are saying that everything seems normal)?
Here Sarah Clark will share with us, how functional testing helps her understand the possible concern areas and successfully implement recommendations with her clients.
Sarah can be found on Facebook, on her website and @
episode 11

How Weight Loss Can Help You Get Pregnant

Will weight loss actually help you with fertility?
Here Greg Fearon talk about how his clients started to get pregnant after losing weight and taking care of themself. Greg will share some success stories of his clients as well as he’ll give top 3 recommendations for successful weight loss.
If you’d like to work with Greg find him on his website, follow him on FB, IG Gregprojectfituk.
episode 10

3 Mind-Body Techniques To Help You Get Pregnant

Naomi Woolfson joins us today to share 3 mind-body techniques to help you get pregnant. Easy things you can start doing from today to help calm your mind and balance your body.
Woolfson is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and mindful fertility coach, she works with clients one on one and is the founder of the Embrace Fertility Method a 12 week online course to empower and uplift you while maximising your chances of conceiving.
episode 09

Top 3 Foods That Will Help You Cooperate With Stress And Benefit Your Fertility

What foods can help you cooperate with stress and boost your fertility?
Tune in to find our what 3 foods you MUST have in your diet if you’d like to conceive and manage your stress level – presented by Lauren Michelli.
episode 08

The best inspiring book about infertility (based on real personal stories)

Cathy McKinnon is a co-author of a Number 1 Bestselling book “Silent Grief, Healing and Hope – 15 heartfelt, inspirational stories of infertility, miscarriage and child loss”.
This book is packed with 15 inspiring stories of women who’ve gone through infertility. If you’re at your highest end and almost ready to give up, read these stories and see how others cooperate with their feelings and ultimately got pregnant.
In this episode, Cathy will also share her own story to inspire and give you hope.
episode 07

How to get pregnant naturally if diagnosed with high FSH and low ovarian reserve

Jaclyn Jacobsen is explaining what FSH and low ovarian reserve means.
Here she’ll explain your chances to conceive naturally if diagnosed with this syndrome.
Jaclyn will share her top 3 recommendations to mitigate the syndrome and ultimately set yourself for successful conception.
episode 06

How strengthening your pelvic floor may help you with fertility and during pregnancy

In this episode Ansley Knopf will be talking about how strengthening your pelvic floor may help with fertility and during pregnancy.
Ansley talks about some benefits of a strong pelvic floor, especially prior to conception.
She’ll also share her three exercises for the pelvic floor strength that you can do from the comfort of your home.
episode 05

How stress may impact your fertility

Holidays can bring not only joy but also stress, especially for couples going through infertility.
Lauren Micchelli is talking about how stress impacts our overall health, including fertility. She’ll also share some awesome feasible techniques for stress management.
What is your way of managing stress?
holiday special

How do you go through the holidays without hiding

Holidays can bring not only excitement but also some anxiety especially among couples who try to conceive.
“When will you have a baby?” “You are not getting younger!”
All these questions or unsolicited advice add even more stress to couples. Pradeepa Narayanaswamy will share her own experience on how to overcome the fear of being asked all these questions and basically not to hide.
She’ll also give some amazing advice to friends or family members, who’ll host an event and will have a couple struggling with infertility on the event.
episode 04

How sleep deprivation may affect your fertility

Can lack of sleep affect your fertility?
​Kinga Zerhouni is talking about how sleep deprivation may negatively impact your fertility.
Here we talk about the importance of quality sleep.
Kinga will also share her 3 top recommendations for better sleep! 
episode 03

The risk of your children inheriting your disease

Ever wondered if your children inherit a disease from you (like PCOS?).
Here Lauren Watkins talks about the importance of your body to be in balance not only physically but also energetically.
episode 02

How Nutrition Can Change Your Life (and prevent from miscarriage)

Today I have amazing Krystal Pinkins who has an amazing story to share. Her baby is truly a miracle baby because doctors were telling her that she would more likely to miscarry.
Her son is 2 years old now and is a happy little man.
Listen to the end to find out what changes helped Krystal to keep her pregnancy and deliver naturally and fast.
episode 01

How Pilates May Help Boost Your Fertility

In today’s episode, I have a special guest Lauren Watkins.
Lauren is an online holistic fitness coach who has a unique approach to our body.
Here we talk about pilates and how it may help boost your fertility and why it is important to take care of your body to get pregnant.
Laura also shares her 3 MUST-DO exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.