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How Thyroid Affects Your Fertility

Quick quiz question – what is the king of all hormones?

Don’t scroll down and cheat…guess now!

Here’s the answer…its:


When your thyroid is off, the rest of the reproductive hormones become unbalanced. This means if you’re trying for a baby, your chances of getting pregnant drop drastically. Worse still, you could spend thousands on IVF, IUI (etc) and still not conceive…

…all because of your unbalanced thyroid.”

Did you know that you can actually test your thyroid function and even find out food sensitivities at home?

You see, the thyroid is responsible for a lot of body functions, including body temperature and metabolism.

You can actually find out about your thyroid function based on the two measurements:



To keep everything functioning well you need to maintain your temperature at 98.6F (or 36.6C).

The pulse rate helps you understand your metabolism. And since the thyroid is regulating our metabolism, the pulse will tell you if it’s high or low.

To understand your thyroid function you need to measure your temperature and pulse:




This will give you an idea of how optimally your thyroid is working during the day and whether your food choices working against your thyroid.

Here is how to read the measurements…

EXAMPLE 1. If your waking temperature is cooler than 97.4 F (36.3C) and your waking pulse is less than 70 beats per minute – YOU PROBABLY HAVE LOW THYROID FUNCTION.

EXAMPLE 2. If your body temperature goes down after a meal, that’s a sign that the meal didn’t go well with your metabolism and thyroid.

EXAMPLE 3. If your body temperature goes up significantly after a meal (more than 1.2 – 2F or C) that signifies an immune response, meaning your body is reacting to food it believes is harmful. In that situation, you want to identify the sensitivity and exclude it from your diet.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s super easy to measure your temperature. Just buy an XYZ thermometer from any local pharmacy for around 5 dollars and stick it in your mouth when you want to take your temp!

In a few days’ time, I’ll be explaining EXACTLY what to do if your thyroid is out of balance. 

Even if you’re not looking to get pregnant, it will still help you lose weight, keep your moods happy and balanced, sleep better and smooth-flowing digestion.

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