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Why Should I Trust You?

"I've tried to conceive for over 13 months and now I'm 4-weeks pregnant.
We've been married for some time before we decided to have a baby.
Finally, both of us were financially stable and just bought a house. And it needed more than just furniture...
After 6 months of trying I started to feel that something isn’t right. It's supposed to be easy, but for some reason, I was struggling with this natural process. So I started to look for answers in FB Groups.
After some research, I tried almost everything: the keto diet (lost weight but didn’t get pregnant), some prenatal vitamins, maca. I even bought a fertility bracelet! After 1 year of trying my doctor prescribed me Clomid. It didn’t work and I felt like crap all the time. Then my doctor referred us to a fertility doctor for further examination. No hormonal disbalances, no PCOS were found. What’s next? The fertility specialist named us options that we all know about: IUI or IVF. But we really wanted to conceive naturally.
That was the time when my friend recommended me to talk to Anna.
I'll be honest I was skeptical because how can nutrition help whenever doctors can't. Anna is a fantastic source of information. She put us a plan that was so easy to follow, she also added certain supplements to increase our odds and it didn’t take long to see the result. If you're struggling to conceive as I did, don't hesitate to contact Anna. Her program is fantastic and IT WORKS!
Thank you, Anna!"

Ashley K.,Grande Prairie, Canada

"It took me only 4 WEEKs to follow the plan to conceive!
We've been trying to conceive for over 13 months! I felt frustrated, hopeless and sad, especially after doctors kept pointing out at my age (33 only!!); and that I have PCOS and hyperthyroidism. The only option that was left for me was IUI or IVF, and we really wanted to conceive naturally. Anna was able to figure out the root of my conditions and create a sustainable diet and supplemental plan and guess what happened!
Yep, I got pregnant!
Thank you, Anna!"

Maria K., Moscow, Russia

" I got pregnant in less than 2 months!
I know Anna from my local gym, where she offers nutritional consultations.
Originally my goal was to lose 30 lbs and get lean. I have PCOS and hyperthyroidism that are basically the reason why it's hard for me to lose weight. I felt discouraged because nothing worked for me and I kept gaining weight. Honesty I would be happy even if Anna would help me just to stop that weight gain! I didn't feel attractive at all! It's interesting because I didn't tell Anna that we've been trying to conceive for over 2 years.
However, she looked to the core of my problems and created a plan that was supposed to help me not only lose weight but mitigate some of my health conditions. And the results were almost instant! It took us less than 2 months to find out that we're pregnant!
Isn’t it amazing!"

Debbie S., Grande Prairie, Canada