Who Am I?


I’m the mom to two little ladies. And my first pregnancy journey wasn’t as smooth as I imagined it to be.

I will be honest with you. I'm a planner.

So I needed to make sure that my husband and I were financially stable before even thinking about babies. 

Once we finally hit that moment I was past my 30s and my husband was in his late 30s. 

For some reason I truly believed that once we decide to have a baby, it will happen right away…Yes, I was naive. 

Imagine my surprise when it did not happen after first…second…third month…

That’s when different thoughts appear in my head: 

“Did I wait too long?”

“Is there something wrong with me?”

We went through all these hoops and loops like you are currently going through. 

Thankfully we were blessed to get pregnant on our month six of trying. 

Now I know if you’ve been trying for a year or more, 6 months sounds like nothing. However, I still went through the exact same emotional rollercoaster you’re currently on.

This experience and desire to offer a healthy life for my baby got me back to school. 

In fact, the desire to give my family the best start possible in life was the foundation for my current career.

It was the birth of my second child that determined why I do what I do. What was so magical in my second pregnancy?


I got pregnant without "trying"!

Yes, that’s right. We decided that we were ready and the magic happened right away.

In fact…
… I had the best pregnancy and delivery experience EVER!
So what did I do 

Number #1


There's certain food and drinks that actually lower fertility. But it's not the same for each person - because the human body is complex and everyone different. So you have to work out which foods are harming your fertility right now, and eliminate them from your diet (if you've no idea where to start, feel free to message me. This is really tricky to figure out on your own).

Number #2


Similar to number 1, there's certain food and drinks which will increase your fertility levels. But again, these foods are different for each person. So you have to figure out which foods are going to work for you (again, incredibly tough to work out by yourself).

Number #3


I created a fertility-boosting nutrition plan that I can stick with. This is key because you don't want to create an unrealistic diet plan that you're going to give up after a few weeks. You want to stick with it - ideally for 12 weeks.

You may well get pregnant before then like I did – in which case, great! But the longer you stick with your plan, the more fertile you get and the greater your chances become.

Of course, these are only a few modifications I made but combined they worked wonders for us and allowed me to become fertile and get pregnant in no time.

This is my mission to help you become fertile and get pregnant NATURALLY and WITHOUT INVASIVE PROCEDURES!