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4 Things That Affects Your Fertility

Simply eating a well-balanced diet doesn’t necessarily ensure you’re getting all the nutrients required to both conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Shocking, right?

Nutrient absorption from your food can be disturbed by different factors. That in its turn may cause depletion of your stored nutrient sources and affect your fertility.

“Anna, I demand that you tell me what these factors are at once!!”

Ok, ok! Here they are…

The level of nutrient absorption you get from your food is determined by 4 separate factors. It’s the difference between being fertile and full of vitality…or feeling drained all the time and struggling to conceive.


You probably already know that your plate needs to have a combination of veggies, fruits, grains and meat? (these are the UFDA standards by the way).

Or do you like your chicken and rice or pasta and chicken for dinner?

What if I tell you that these are the most inefficient food combinations!


Because all these food groups digest in your body differently.

Let’s take our lovely grains-protein combination as an example.

It takes the longest time for our body to process it and it actually ends up in our large intestine (where the digestion processes are REALLY REALLY slow).

Simple (in case of white rice or pasta) or complex (in case of whole wheat pasta or brown rice) carbs has shorter digestion time.

What happens if you combine two of them?

Just guess…

Both grains and protein will end up in your large intestine where the digestion is really really slow. 

And because the digestion is so slow there, the food that ‘sits’ there create a great environment (and food) for bad bacteria. That in its turn can cause ‘leaky gut’ condition (see below).

Does not sound cool, right?


This is the hydrochloric acid and some digestive enzymes that help to break down the food in your stomach. 

However certain factors affect its production and concentration. 

For example, try not to drink water with your dinner tonight but drink it 30 minutes after. Did you notice a change?

Drinking water 30 minutes after will allow hydrochloric acid to do its work and as a bonus will make you feel full. So less cravings for you!


The intake of fried and fatty foods, as well as chemicals, and the presence of parasites or Candida albicans – allow absorption of larger molecules that then generate an immune reaction. 

And inflammation has a direct impact on your fertility including some conditions that cause it (like PCOS, Hashimoto and other autoimmune diseases).


Our food (not the processed one, of course) gets all its nutrients from the soil. BUT…

…our soil is not the same as it used to be centuries ago. The usage of chemicals, pesticides etc make our soil depleted on certain minerals. So even organic fruits and vegetables won’t have the same nutritional profile like years ago.

So it’s a MUST now to add a good prenatal multivitamins into your diet (ideally, natural! Not the synthetic one).

There are a few examples in this post – like drinking water with food – that can affect your fertility. 

Of course, these are only a few examples and in reality there are dozens and dozens of things you’re probably doing right now which are lowering your fertility. 

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